Monday, February 18, 2013

Swing Dance 2013

So, on the first Friday in February, my school's music department held the winter annual Swing Dance! It's where the music department kids and jazz groups (jazz bands, vocal jazz, etc.) come together and make music and actually swing dance. It's a ton of fun because it's a bit of a departure from the normal Homecoming, Turnabout, etc., and the jazz is awesome and everyone looks classy.

But the one thing that could have ruined it this year....DID.

Our school's weekly production show, Wildcat Weekly, decided to do a segment on Swing Dance, exposing this amazing, private event to the public, who already have their Homecomings and their Turnabouts, etc. I was like, "What, NOT COOL." But, you can't always get what you want. So, we would have to *sigh* SHARE the dance. But it was fine; I would concentrate on me and my friends and we would have a great time!

So, I go home that Friday and get ready: take a shower, dry my hair, curl it, do my makeup all nice and fancy, and put on my dress, tights and flats. Me and my sister both looked awesome and mod and classy.

So we get there and we meet up with our friends and mill around in the common area for a bit, then at 7 pm, the gym doors open and this whole crowd of kids heads in to get our swing dancing lesson! It was a lot of fun, and I was able to brush up on my swing skills a bit; turns out, I had been doing it wrong for a whole year....whoops!

After an hour long dance lesson, we were shepherded into the cafeteria, where the jazz bands proceeded to set up for the first set and we awkwardly hung out and talked with our friends. But once the music got going, we were on fire! I don't think I stopped dancing once with all of my friends, I was having too much fun! The music changes were flawless and the music itself was great: a lot of upbeat, big band numbers, with no slow dances (a crisis averted for single pringles, like myself).

At the end of the night, it started to snow. I collected my jacket, purse, and my sister. We said goodbye to our friends as the last jazz number ended and we left the school, smiling, because this dance was an awesome break from the hectic start to the 3rd Quarter.  I just love Swing Dance so much because it's different, fun, and unique, and I know it's a memory I will look back on fondly from my high school years.

  Me and my sister before Swing Dance! On me: Dress: Forever 21. Belt: Forever 21. On Jill: Shirt: Forever 21. Skirt: Forever 21.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello blog readers,

I know it has been a while since I last posted

But I have been busy

With auditions and callbacks and private lessons and homework and projects and shopping and Downton Abbey and stalking celebrities.

So everything's typical, but it's too busy at the same time

I promise promise PROMISE I will write something this weekend, I have missed you all.

There will be pictures

And rants

So the usual, but be prepared