Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trials and Tribulations

As one of my good friends once said, a day is made to test your limits. I have definitely had a couple of trying days! 

So, tomorrow is the first day of school. There has been a lot of rushing around, stressing out, and just generally getting prepared so nothing is forgotten. In that vein, my sister and I have been having several fights about petty things that basically turn into screaming matches within ten minutes. 

I hate fighting with my family, especially my sister. She is my best friend and the person who knows me the best. But, having someone who is so close to you who knows you that well can be a double edged sword. She knows what can get me annoyed and how to push my buttons. As for me behaving to her, it is likewise. 

I just hate screaming at her and walking out of the room when she ate the last Fiber One bar, that's all. I wish we could just put things past us easily and laugh things off, but we can't. And I just wish it wouldn't have to be this way

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