Friday, April 19, 2013

Pinning, Pinning, Everywhere

So, something new that has come into my life to ruin it for good is a little thing called Pinterest. Although it is categorized under the cult of moms and artsy-fartsys, I find it to be a very fun and cathartic experience. You can express your creativity, hobbies, and likes in an organized manner and repin what you like, too! 

For instance, I have been on Pinterest for close to a month now, and I have about ten boards under food, geek culture, weddings, hair and beauty, cities, and cool photography. I enjoy it thoroughly and I am able to teach myself how to do DIY projects, cool beauty ideas and I can try out different recipes that look delicious! 

I strongly suggest joining--it's a ton of fun, and there's so much out there on the site! 

Happy pinning! 

Leading Up To Neuqua Valley's Spring Musical.....

So, the spring musical at Neuqua Valley this year is the time-honored, slice of Americana Pie show, The Music Man. This little production, directed by the head of the Drama Department and freshman English teacher, has been in the works since the middle of February. Currently, it is the week before the show, and while there is still some to be done, we have made plenty of headway!

This is my third show at Neuqua Valley and my second musical. Last year, as a freshman, in Jekyll And Hyde, I was a member of the ensemble. But this year, as a sophomore, I got the part of Marian Paroo's Irish mother, Mrs. Paroo! It is an honor and thrill for me to be playing this part and I am so excited for show week to make the audience laugh and smile! 

However, rehearsals weren't always butterflies and giggles. We have a very close-knit cast, so we like to talk to each other. And seventy people talking all at once makes for a lot of noise. In addition to being Chatty Kathys', we were very unfocused and didn't put much energy into our respective characters. None of us were off-script. A week ago today, there still would have been much work to be done. 

But today, something magical happened. We all just clicked, I guess you could say. There was energy and memorization and cues were right and we had the pit there and some people were in costume! There was magic on the stage and laughter out in the house. After the run-through of the show, our director sat us down to give us notes and all he could say were great things and compliments. Today's rehearsal definitely restored my faith in the cast as a whole. 

Next week is show week! Cross your fingers for me and if you read this and you know someone in the cast, tell them to break a leg! I will be posting pictures from show week sometime soon.