Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Auditions?!?

So this week, after a crazy and hectic two weeks of production of The Music Man at my high school, I traveled up to North Central College in downtown Naperville to do two auditions for their summer production of Jesus Christ Superstar. On Thursday night, there was a vocal audition and last night was the dance auditions. 

While the song I picked for my vocal audition is not totally suited to my vocal range and it was a little uncomfortable for me to sing ("Tell Me On A Sunday" from Song And Dance), I acted to the best of my abilities during it and I think that the directors' enjoyed it from the smiles on their faces! 

However, last night's dance audition was a little more difficult. I had to do the two auditions for the children's production of Peter Pan and Superstar. And, since I have to wear glasses most of the time, it was a little difficult to pick up on the steps and dance with my glasses slipping off my nose. But, I danced to the best of my abilities and tried my hardest at the audition. The directors even said not to get upset with yourself! 

The cast list will be posted either Wednesday or Thursday and rehearsals will commence from there. Wish me luck!

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